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Who should use the SteriShoe® sanitiser?

Everyone should, but especially people who have an active foot infection, are immune-compromised, people with stinky shoes and feet and anyone else that wants to be proactive about the health of their feet.  .

Think about it, you wash your clothes, you dry clean your clothes, but what do you do to the inside of your shoes? Considering that human feet sweat up to half a pint (that’s 8 ounces!) per day, it’s good hygiene to clean the inside of your shoes.

Unfortunately, people who have diabetes need to be very proactive about their foot health. One study has shown that people who have diabetes are over 150 times more likely to require an amputation if they develop a foot infection.

People with nail fungus and athlete’s foot are potentially reinfecting themselves when they put their shoes on. The SteriShoe® sanitiser is proven to destroy the fungi that cause nail fungus and athlete’s foot.

Shoe odours is a byproduct from certain bacteria. The SteriShoe® sanitiser is designed to destroy these bacteria inside shoes.

Is the SteriShoe® sanitiser good for smelly shoes and does it help with smelly feet as well?

The SteriShoe® sanitiser is applied to the smelly shoes only. Just like you wash your socks, you need to clean your shoes. The offensive shoe smell is an indication of odour-causing bacteria living in your shoes. The SteriShoe® sanitiser eliminates up to 99.9% of odour causing bacteria in shoes. Sanitising the inside of your shoes is a great way to provide a cleaner and healthier environment for your feet.

What does the SteriShoe® sanitiser do for people with sweaty feet?

The human foot has 250,000 sweat glands and we sweat up to one pint per day into our shoes. Shoe and foot odours causing bacteria thrive in this environment. The SteriShoe® sanitiser is the doctor recommended chemical free method to clean the inside of your shoes. The SteriShoe® sanitiser solves the bacteria problem in your shoes that is brought about by sweaty feet.

How does SteriShoe complement other treatments for toenail fungus and athletes foot?

Use the SteriShoe® sanitiser in conjunction with your other treatment. The SteriShoe® sanitiser will not cure your infection, but it will provide a cleaner environment for your feet.

Fungi are very resilient and can live in your shoe as spores, even if you don’t wear a shoe for months. Think of a spore as a seed. Once you start to wear your shoe again, the perspiration and heat from your foot will cause the spores to grow. The SteriShoe® sanitiser destroys the fungi and other microorganisms inside shoes.

How does the SteriShoe sanitiser fit in with laser treatments for toenail fungus?

In clinical studies, shoes are largely believed to be a major cause of foot infections because they are a reservoir for microbes that cause foot infections. This includes the spores and microbes that cause toenail fungus (Onychomycosis). The SteriShoe sanitiser is a clinically proven, safe and easy to use method to sanitise your shoes. Sanitised shoes should reduce exposure to the microorganisms that cause foot infections.

How do I use SteriShoe sanitiser?

Place both the Sterishoe sanitisers firmly into the shoes.  Press the power button to activate the sanitisers and fans . The UV lights will turn off in 15 mins and the fan will automatically turn off after 30 mins. For wet shoes,  press the fan button to activate the fans for 8 hours.

How does the SteriShoe® sanitiser work?

The SteriShoe® sanitiser uses a specific wavelength of ultraviolet C light that is germicidal (253.7 nm). This is commonly called “germicidal UV” or “UVC.” UVC is emitted by the sun, but it is completely filtered by our atmosphere.

Germicidal ultraviolet light is proven to destroy 99.9% of targeted microorganisms. We have tested the SteriShoe® sanitiser with the number one, two, and three fungi that cause nail fungus and athlete’s foot and verified these results. Shoe odours is caused by bacteria and we have verified that the SteriShoe® sanitiser destroys bacteria as well.

How does the SteriShoe® sanitiser help with shoe odours or smelly shoes?

Shoe odours is primarily caused by bacteria in your shoes. The SteriShoe® sanitiser helps remove the source of shoe odours and smelly shoes by destroying up to 99.9% of the bacteria in your shoe using UV germicidal light.

Why is the SteriShoe® sanitiser better at fighting shoe odours than other methods?

The SteriShoe sanitiser is very convenient to use. It works like a shoe tree and takes seconds to insert into a shoe. It is activated with a simple push of a button. Unlike chemical sprays and powders that mask odours, germicidal UV light (UVC) is a safe, proven and powerful way to kill bacteria and microorganisms. The SteriShoe sanitiser harnesses this germicidal UVC light to kill up to 99.9% of the shoe odours causing bacteria in your shoes.

Sprays and powders will also fill your shoe cushioning. As there is no way to wash your shoes, these chemicals will never come out of your shoes and essentially become a chemical bath for your feet. The SteriShoe sanitiser is completely chemical free.

How are SteriShoe sanitiser different from other uv shoe products?

Plastic absorbs UVC and renders it ineffective. The SteriShoe sanitiser was designed to be as open as possible to provide direct UVC exposure to the shoe interior. We are aware of a ultraviolet shoe deodoriser that has it’s lamp almost completely encased in plastic; the plastic in this product blocks almost all the UVC light from reaching the inside of the shoe.

The SteriShoe sanitiser is the only product that has been awarded a Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association for cleaning the inside of shoes. It is also the only product clinically proven to destroy harmful germs inside shoes that can cause foot infections and shoe odours (as published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association).

What safety features does the SteriShoe® sanitiser have?

Ultraviolet light can be harmful if you look at it or bring it close to your skin. For these reasons, we have designed safety features into the SteriShoe®sanitiser to prevent the lamp from lighting when it is not enclosed in a shoe.

How long will the SteriShoe® sanitiser last?

The SteriShoe® sanitiser has a one year limited warranty. The lamp, which is designed to last 2000-3000 hours, can treat your shoes once a day for up to seven years (although we recommend changing the bulb every two years to ensure proper effectiveness).

How do I register my SteriShoe® sanitiser?

You can register your SteriShoe® sanitiser by clicking here.

Why should people with diabetes use the SteriShoe sanitiser?

People with diabetes are especially at risk when it comes to foot infections. The reason for this is due to a condition called neuropathy, which is a loss of sensation. Pain informs our body when something is wrong, but if you cannot feel pain a sore, blister, ulcer, or cut can quickly become infected.

Annually, there are more than 65,000 limb amputations in the U.S. due to complications from diabetes. 9 out of 10 amputations for diabetics are due to infections. Based on this, people with diabetes need to be proactive about the health of their feet.

The SteriShoe sanitiser is clinically proven to kill microorganisms in shoes and therefore provides a cleaner environment for feet.